- Who are we ? -

The idea of making a game like SimAgri didn't come to us by accident. Being close with the agricultural world since we were young, we already made a parlour game just for fun. The concept was pretty basic but the broad lines were there for what was to become SimAgri a few years later.
SimAgri is a game made by passionate people for a large audience, knowledgeable or not, you will find in there fun and interest ! That is what we wish.

SimAgri team is composed of :

Christophe L.
(alias Ramses35)
Site designer

Baptiste L.
(alias Venturi)
Web developper
Quentin W.
(alias Quentin35)
Web developper
Thierry P.
(alias Domaine d'Ethan)
In charge of english speaking customers

And also all the people who helped us and are still helping us for SimAgri !

  • My options

You have no days left on your SimPass

You have no Pack.
To be an equipment dealer, you have to open an outlet.

To be an artificial insemination center manager, you have to open a center.

To manage a regional cooperative you must declare yourself as a potentiel partner.

To build an industrial cheese dairy you first have to get a building permit.